CatDV Pegasus Server was recently introduced by Square Box Systems. This server is best suited for large enterprise deployments which have high MAM requirements. The CATDV server offers an engine which is lightning fast and can search across huge number of of assets. This server can support Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL databases and Oracle and at the same time has analytics and reporting capabilities.

CatDV MAM by Square Box System is among the widely used MAMs as it helps in effectively organize and collaborate digital media of large volumes. CatDV is best when it comes to postproduction or targeting production of finished assets. click here for related information.

Along with entry level CatDV Workgroup (perfect for small teams) and CatDV Enterprise (for larger facilities), CatDV Pegasus Server sort of completes the top level server family of CatDV. All the three servers take advantage of powerful client-server architecture along with a shared database to allow multiple users to update and search media catalogs.

Square Box Systems’ CatDV Pegasus Server

With the aid of auto suggest capability and accelerated CatDV, Pegasus Server can deliver an enhanced search capability which is very much useful especially with millions of assets. With the ability to pre cache the searches, this server can make text search as much as 100 times faster as compared to other search engines. As every change is captured to CatDV database, you can get the full audit of the server as well. With the help of the analytics and reporting services of the server, users can generate required system or media usage reports. while managing a network of sale department of any business like sales of french bulldogs the system is fully capable to work perfectly.

In addition to these features, users also have the flexibility of providing access control to other users based on the role. This feature will restrict users to access those areas which they should not be accessing.

As said by the CEO of Square Box Systems, Dave Clack, CatDV Pegasus Server has everything to offer that any large enterprise will require so as to work with the media assets in a very efficient and safe manner. This Pegasus Server will be highlighted by Square Box Systems at the 2016 NAB Show. This server will be made available to the market after this show and will be supporting Windows, Linus and Mac environments. In addition to this, a REST API option will also be provided by Square Box Systems in order to automate the CatDV setup/configuration for Pegasus Server. to read more about CatDV software, visit :

A privately owned company, Square Box Systems specializes in the management and production workflow of media asset. Their applications are very useful in order to manage the much chaos media files which help content owners to easily repurpose their assets. The CatDV software is compatible with Mac or Windows and is beneficial for small groups or enterprises comprising millions of assets. The prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation was awarded to Square Box Systems in 2012. Along with this, there are many more awards under its banner including Best Asset Management Tool. Square Box System’s CatDV is globally available with the facility for workflow design, consultancy, support and local installation.