If you are too much into Linux server then chances are you are already using the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Although there are several other god servers but RHEL is even loved by the Fortune 500. Along with the unmatchable Linux distribution, RHEL has an excellent support program which compels people to love it. Now with the release of the latest version of Linux Server, RHEL 6.8, many system administrators are now happier.

As usual, there are several improvements included in the latest version of RHEL 6.x family. There are changes in the base image of RHEL 6.8 to make it more convenient for system administrators to migrate the traditional workloads to the contained based applications. By switching to libreswan, RHEL 6.8 has an enhanced VPNs security. Libreswan has replaced openswan as the end point solution for RHEL 6 IPSEc VPN. for further details, visit : https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/partners/redhat/redhatenterpriselinux67/

New member to the RHEL 6.x family

With the addition of newer capabilities to the SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) Identity Management, the users of RHEL 6.8 will witness and increased performance on client-side and a simpler management. Now, the identity logins will be faster with the inclusion of client cached authentication lookup. This will reduce the unwanted exchange of the user credentials with AD servers. Along with this, SSSD can also handle smard-card user authentication. click here for more information.

This new RHEL also includes and enhanced yum package tool that simplifies the installation of packages and at the same time enabling the process to locate the required packages to all new features to be included to the platform. RHEL now comes with dmstats that will answer your doubts regarding storage as this will help in increased storage. The dmstats will have performance visibility as well. And with the Scalabel File System Add-on, you can upload xfs file with size of as much as 300TB.