As per the announcements by Microsoft, SAL Server 2016 will be available from June 1 and this will come in four different editions which includes Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer. As claimed by Microsoft, this server will be the first database to be born in the cloud.

Some of the latest features included in this latest edition are, Always Encrypted which will further enhance the security and Stretch Database which will improve the accessibility to historical data. SQL Server 2016 comes with a combination of built in analytics and in-memory tech to enhance user experience.for latest windows, visit :

Latest news on Microsoft servers

Microsoft also released the final version of SharePoint Server 2016. This edition has more focus on cloud to let on premises customers take advantage of this feature. This new version of SharePoint has a changed homepage which includes a link to access the on-premises tools as well as Office 365 tools directly from the homepage. Now with the help of hybrid search, IT pros can easily browse on-premises contents. Happy news for mobile users as well as the SharePoint 2016 will have mobile app as well to enable users check latest news and alerts on the go and the app will be made available on all the three platforms, iOS, Windows and Android. click here for further details,

SharePoint 2016 has also changed its file naming norms with the inclusion of some of the special characters in the file name that were not allowed in the previous versions. To enhance the storage support, SharePoint 2016 allows users to upload or download file with size of as much as 2047 MB and there are many improvements in the sharing feature as well. Now with the inclusion of MinRole which is a new feature for SharePoint, each farm administrator can assign different roles to different server. for related information, visit :