Hackers are always in the lookout for backdoor entries to other’s servers or networks. Be it the data or the application services that your company supports, anything on your enterprise network are continuously monitored by the hackers or spies who then sell the data they can get their hands on. Any organization having a public profile is always a target for cyber criminals.

You like anyone else would want to keep the sensitive company data secure and make sure that everything is in control. But with the presence of criminals who are ready to go to any extent to break through your network, it is not an easy task to protect your network.

Is your network 100% protected

There is no network which can be said to be 100% safe but you can always try to achieve maximum security for your company network. Advanced Persistent Threats or APT are said to be the most harmful attacks of the current times. One needs to have more of a comprehensive and deeper approach in order to get rid of these attacks. for further details, visit :http://policies.gatech.edu/computer-and-network-usage-and-security

The first step towards a better network security would be to block the known threats. By the use of next generation firewalls or email gateways that are secure or other similar technologies, you can keep these threats at bay. The next step is to be prepared for the unknown. With the help of sensitive filters, the system can detect the threats that are unknown to the system and then create the threat intelligence accordingly. For instance, using sandboxing you can keep the malicious software in sheltered environment in order to observe its complete behavior and at the same time keeping the production networks unaffected. Once you are sure of the malware, it is time to take some actions by quarantining the user or devices or the content causing the attack.