Now SAP users will find it convenient to operate enterprise software as the Linux server of Suse, the enterprise Linux firm will now be optimized for SAP which can be deployed from the cloud AWS marketplace of Amazon.

This Linux Enterprise Server by Suse which is optimized for the business software stack of SAP includes high-availability components those are said to have greater reliability and having the installation workflow fully automated.  This platform is available on the AMS Marketplaces as PPU (pay per use) image. So now the customers can login to AMS cloud and deploy and run it and pay as per the usage.

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This option allows the customers to benefit from the already existing ‘pay as you go’ model of AWS which can adapt to the changing needs of the computer. The reason why Suse opted for this model is to enable the customers to avoid the overhead costs and complications involved in the planning, purchasing as well as maintaining of the hardware infrastructure. for further details, visit :

As pointed by Naji Almahmoud, the head of global business development of Suse, “A key component of growth for our customers is increasing efficiency in the IT department”. He further explained that the managers are now realizing the waste of resources that the company has to incur as the servers sit idle in their data centers. By making the Suse Linux Enterprise available, these companies can take care of their computing needs without blocking their money in long term contracts or for buying hardware.

There are high-availability resource agents included in the Suse Linux Enterprise Server which can be used to deploy SAP Hana platform. The existing subscription for this Enterprise Server can be used to test or develop the SAP workloads. In addition to this, Suse along with AWS is working with an IT firm to help customers in planning a deployment of SAP HANA and this deployment will be cloud hosted. click here for related information.