Square Box Systems’ CatDV Pegasus Server

CatDV Pegasus Server was recently introduced by Square Box Systems. This server is best suited for large enterprise deployments which have high MAM requirements. The CATDV server offers an engine which is lightning fast and can search across huge number of of assets. This server can support Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL databases and Oracle and at the same time has analytics and reporting capabilities.

CatDV MAM by Square Box System is among the widely used MAMs as it helps in effectively organize and collaborate digital media of large volumes. CatDV is best when it comes to postproduction or targeting production of finished assets. click here for related information.

Along with entry level CatDV Workgroup (perfect for small teams) and CatDV Enterprise (for larger facilities), CatDV Pegasus Server sort of completes the top level server family of CatDV. All the three servers take advantage of powerful client-server architecture along with a shared database to allow multiple users to update and search media catalogs.

Square Box Systems’ CatDV Pegasus Server

With the aid of auto suggest capability and accelerated CatDV, Pegasus Server can deliver an enhanced search capability which is very much useful especially with millions of assets. With the ability to pre cache the searches, this server can make text search as much as 100 times faster as compared to other search engines. As every change is captured to CatDV database, you can get the full audit of the server as well. With the help of the analytics and reporting services of the server, users can generate required system or media usage reports. while managing a network of sale department of any business like sales of french bulldogs the system is fully capable to work perfectly.

In addition to these features, users also have the flexibility of providing access control to other users based on the role. This feature will restrict users to access those areas which they should not be accessing.

As said by the CEO of Square Box Systems, Dave Clack, CatDV Pegasus Server has everything to offer that any large enterprise will require so as to work with the media assets in a very efficient and safe manner. This Pegasus Server will be highlighted by Square Box Systems at the 2016 NAB Show. This server will be made available to the market after this show and will be supporting Windows, Linus and Mac environments. In addition to this, a REST API option will also be provided by Square Box Systems in order to automate the CatDV setup/configuration for Pegasus Server. to read more about CatDV software, visit : http://www.squarebox.com/about-catdv/

A privately owned company, Square Box Systems specializes in the management and production workflow of media asset. Their applications are very useful in order to manage the much chaos media files which help content owners to easily repurpose their assets. The CatDV software is compatible with Mac or Windows and is beneficial for small groups or enterprises comprising millions of assets. The prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation was awarded to Square Box Systems in 2012. Along with this, there are many more awards under its banner including Best Asset Management Tool. Square Box System’s CatDV is globally available with the facility for workflow design, consultancy, support and local installation.…

French Bulldogs for sale

All About French Bulldogs

Judith Miller suggests if they’re well-looked after the Bulldog’s conventional lifetime is SEVEN to some decade. French Bulldogs must be Artificially Inseminated, which suggests Progesterone evaluating to stop blood testing, regarding ovulation, etc. France Bulldogs should not be used within the day’s warmth. German Bulldogs are clean, and lots of may endeavor to prevent puddles.

There’s plenty of speculation concerning the origin of the Bulldog. The time scale bulldog didn’t commence until 17th-century that is earlier. Bulldogs won’t ever challenge to also mix the road with no individual and are not extremely detached to their particular families. Several sighthounds can be quite a little standoffish and might disregard diverse puppies A invitations to perform.

Pomeranians are instead intelligent and dedicated with their masters, they are really alert, and are typically extremely deafening. This kind of dog is excessively special and substantially interpersonal as well as would achieve type of delaying rate or a home that’s genuinely active. They’re likewise extremely hard to housebreak. You also have to ensure his pictures are being got by your dog punctually.

Many bulldogs are susceptible to dryness that ends in tiny areas that are hairless. It offers a medium-length double-coat that’s not smooth to the touch. The cover must be give stripped biannually. They consider shoulders and comprehensive head and also a transient snout.

French Bulldogs are likely to be extremely frolicsome, so there’s never a minute that you experienced that’s certainly uninteresting and boring after you pick one of these brilliant dreadful males out. They seem superior also, perhaps beautiful. She’s going to create a huge addition to any household trying to find that little Frenchie that is good ! He loves youngsters and loves to perform.

The French bulldog is incredibly easy to watch over. The French Bulldog can be a reproduce that is sensitive, but may further be significantly obstinate sporadically. A amount are of disagreeing recommendations regarding the beginning of the French Bulldog. No cause isn’t barked with by French bulldogs.

It transpires occasionally in the case the breeders could have bulldog puppies from ancestry that is different. Subsequently, there are of French bulldogs an enormous majority manufactured through artificial insemination. These all are breeds of bulldogs having origins that are several. It is vital that you note the type which you include chosen may determine features and its personality down.

This pet is wholly adorable. I am relatively not unhappy, enchanting, fascinating, including a puppy that is lovable. The breed is particularly a partner that is fantastic, and is very tender. There comes that a puppy out of the lineage that is excellent will obtain a wide torso, vast and brief feet, and also a brain that is enormous.

Any pet grooming is needed hardly by the French Bulldog. They truly are small and serious-looking puppies, exactly like other bulldogs. It and different canines play effectively. They’re smaller equal in porportion, as well as alot quieter compared to the bull terrier.

I recommend checking out these French bulldogs for sale.


The bulldog that was French was initially bred because of their volume to help stock pets to be driven by you around. The French Bulldog gets together nicely with several other creatures, although he can try to quest really little animals like rodents with other kids. Despite the fact that additional types include gotten well-known since that time, the Frenchie remains to certainly have a great fan – following. Pup sessions certainly are a great method of socialize your pup including learning the easy interpersonal abilities in creating a fantastic romance essential.

If you desires to own lively associate in the home and stay alone your bulldog that is French will be the well suited for anyone. It bemoan around and might take it rather severely the house in the event that you reprimand a French bulldog. Pets that are France are really engaging, and therefore are often called clowns. Bulldogs that were German are now compromised a growing number of usually, specially in towns.

As a way to find the training reached in an easy and fast fashion, whenever people French Bulldog pups are found by you you really have to begin correct. But before that you need to learn strategies that are many for French coaching. Currently, it is possible to adopt your own France bulldog that is very and commence instruction them. You have to first recognize the fundamental data regarding bulldogs, in case you’d want to undertake such a dog.

Let”s definitely arrive at determine what a bulldog is to start with. It is one of the finest alternatives for someone trying to find a terrier that wont drop. The fact of the issue is the fact, if you carry a blended terrier though it is assumed that terriers, …

Latest news on Microsoft servers

As per the announcements by Microsoft, SAL Server 2016 will be available from June 1 and this will come in four different editions which includes Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer. As claimed by Microsoft, this server will be the first database to be born in the cloud.

Some of the latest features included in this latest edition are, Always Encrypted which will further enhance the security and Stretch Database which will improve the accessibility to historical data. SQL Server 2016 comes with a combination of built in analytics and in-memory tech to enhance user experience.for latest windows, visit : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/products/windows-server-2016/

Latest news on Microsoft servers

Microsoft also released the final version of SharePoint Server 2016. This edition has more focus on cloud to let on premises customers take advantage of this feature. This new version of SharePoint has a changed homepage which includes a link to access the on-premises tools as well as Office 365 tools directly from the homepage. Now with the help of hybrid search, IT pros can easily browse on-premises contents. Happy news for mobile users as well as the SharePoint 2016 will have mobile app as well to enable users check latest news and alerts on the go and the app will be made available on all the three platforms, iOS, Windows and Android. click here for further details,

SharePoint 2016 has also changed its file naming norms with the inclusion of some of the special characters in the file name that were not allowed in the previous versions. To enhance the storage support, SharePoint 2016 allows users to upload or download file with size of as much as 2047 MB and there are many improvements in the sharing feature as well. Now with the inclusion of MinRole which is a new feature for SharePoint, each farm administrator can assign different roles to different server. for related information, visit : http://www.enterprisenetworksandservers.com/latest-news-microsoft-servers/

New member to the RHEL 6.x family

If you are too much into Linux server then chances are you are already using the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Although there are several other god servers but RHEL is even loved by the Fortune 500. Along with the unmatchable Linux distribution, RHEL has an excellent support program which compels people to love it. Now with the release of the latest version of Linux Server, RHEL 6.8, many system administrators are now happier.

As usual, there are several improvements included in the latest version of RHEL 6.x family. There are changes in the base image of RHEL 6.8 to make it more convenient for system administrators to migrate the traditional workloads to the contained based applications. By switching to libreswan, RHEL 6.8 has an enhanced VPNs security. Libreswan has replaced openswan as the end point solution for RHEL 6 IPSEc VPN. for further details, visit : https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/partners/redhat/redhatenterpriselinux67/

New member to the RHEL 6.x family

With the addition of newer capabilities to the SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) Identity Management, the users of RHEL 6.8 will witness and increased performance on client-side and a simpler management. Now, the identity logins will be faster with the inclusion of client cached authentication lookup. This will reduce the unwanted exchange of the user credentials with AD servers. Along with this, SSSD can also handle smard-card user authentication. click here for more information.

This new RHEL also includes and enhanced yum package tool that simplifies the installation of packages and at the same time enabling the process to locate the required packages to all new features to be included to the platform. RHEL now comes with dmstats that will answer your doubts regarding storage as this will help in increased storage. The dmstats will have performance visibility as well. And with the Scalabel File System Add-on, you can upload xfs file with size of as much as 300TB.…

Good news for SAP users

Now SAP users will find it convenient to operate enterprise software as the Linux server of Suse, the enterprise Linux firm will now be optimized for SAP which can be deployed from the cloud AWS marketplace of Amazon.

This Linux Enterprise Server by Suse which is optimized for the business software stack of SAP includes high-availability components those are said to have greater reliability and having the installation workflow fully automated.  This platform is available on the AMS Marketplaces as PPU (pay per use) image. So now the customers can login to AMS cloud and deploy and run it and pay as per the usage.

Latest news on Microsoft servers

This option allows the customers to benefit from the already existing ‘pay as you go’ model of AWS which can adapt to the changing needs of the computer. The reason why Suse opted for this model is to enable the customers to avoid the overhead costs and complications involved in the planning, purchasing as well as maintaining of the hardware infrastructure. for further details, visit : https://open.sap.com/

As pointed by Naji Almahmoud, the head of global business development of Suse, “A key component of growth for our customers is increasing efficiency in the IT department”. He further explained that the managers are now realizing the waste of resources that the company has to incur as the servers sit idle in their data centers. By making the Suse Linux Enterprise available, these companies can take care of their computing needs without blocking their money in long term contracts or for buying hardware.

There are high-availability resource agents included in the Suse Linux Enterprise Server which can be used to deploy SAP Hana platform. The existing subscription for this Enterprise Server can be used to test or develop the SAP workloads. In addition to this, Suse along with AWS is working with an IT firm to help customers in planning a deployment of SAP HANA and this deployment will be cloud hosted. click here for related information.…

Is your network 100% protected?

Hackers are always in the lookout for backdoor entries to other’s servers or networks. Be it the data or the application services that your company supports, anything on your enterprise network are continuously monitored by the hackers or spies who then sell the data they can get their hands on. Any organization having a public profile is always a target for cyber criminals.

You like anyone else would want to keep the sensitive company data secure and make sure that everything is in control. But with the presence of criminals who are ready to go to any extent to break through your network, it is not an easy task to protect your network.

Is your network 100% protected

There is no network which can be said to be 100% safe but you can always try to achieve maximum security for your company network. Advanced Persistent Threats or APT are said to be the most harmful attacks of the current times. One needs to have more of a comprehensive and deeper approach in order to get rid of these attacks. for further details, visit :http://policies.gatech.edu/computer-and-network-usage-and-security

The first step towards a better network security would be to block the known threats. By the use of next generation firewalls or email gateways that are secure or other similar technologies, you can keep these threats at bay. The next step is to be prepared for the unknown. With the help of sensitive filters, the system can detect the threats that are unknown to the system and then create the threat intelligence accordingly. For instance, using sandboxing you can keep the malicious software in sheltered environment in order to observe its complete behavior and at the same time keeping the production networks unaffected. Once you are sure of the malware, it is time to take some actions by quarantining the user or devices or the content causing the attack.…